Record Part VIII

Overseas mobilization is an important support for the strategic victory against Taiwan. It is necessary to give full play to the advantages of our province having a large number of overseas Chinese immigrants from our province, many state-owned and private enterprises going abroad, and many economic and trade cooperation with countries along the Belt and Road.
Adopt the method of covering the army with the people and supporting the army with the people, sometimes hidden, sometimes revealed, and mobilizing the purchase of high-end chips, precision machinery, special materials and other materials that are in short supply in China. As well as large quantities of strategic reserve materials such as oil, grain, minerals, etc., to solve the dilemma of the Western Alliance's pursuit and interception of strategic materials in the wartime, vigorously mobilize overseas Chinese immigrants and groups, actively participate in supporting and safeguarding our military operations, and increase the introduction of special professionals. Strive to make sure the global resources are available to us and ensure that foreign aid is effective and efficient.
Just now, the National Defense Mobilization Center reported on the implementation of the mobilization task. All units and departments should follow a clear division of responsibilities and implement them without compromise. Everyone discussed issues related to the recruitment of soldiers and the new recruits in the new domain, and it was very good. 刚才国防动员中心,汇报了动员任务落实建议,各单位,各部门要按照明确的职责分工,不打折扣,抓好落实。大家围绕兵员征召,积极支援支前新域新质动员有关问题做出了讨论,讲的很好。
Political commissar Wang Shouxin put forward very good opinions on overseas mobilization, and I agree with him. Next, I would like to emphasize three points:
First, we must strengthen the awareness of the overall situation, gather our strength to return to unity, and contain strategic decisive victory. It is a battle of reunification, a battle of revival, which can only be successful but not failure. Order consciousness, resolutely implement, all energy, focus on the war, all work serves the war, all resources are tilted to the war, and contribute to the realization of the complete reunification of the motherland and the great rejuvenation of the nation.
Second, we exploit our advantages and strength integrally, fully ensure to win (the war/combat). From the forefront of reform to the front line of aid, fully exploit the economic advance, largely mobilize resources with in the province and the overseas’, make the full use of the maritime potential, effectively support the combat operations of the troops, fully exploit to the advantages of the organization (communist ideology established organizations and systems), fully release the potential of new areas and new systems (and combat in novel-domains and capabilities ), and effectively improve The combat effectiveness of the troops, fully exploit to the advantages of talents of individuals, gather think tanks in various fields to provide intellectual support for the strategic victory. (By doing all of these), this will expand the overall potential resources of our province.
Third, we must resolutely complete the task and help the decisive battle. The decisive victory at all levels must be based on the most difficult and complex situations, and be fully prepared. The main leaders must stand in the front, and the front line must be supported. All departments must cooperate closely and efficiently meet the needs.
第三,要坚决完成任务, 助力决战决胜,各级要立足最困难最复杂情况,做好万全准备,主要领导要以上率下,冲锋在前,挺战一线,各部门,要密切配合,高效满足需求。
We must go all out to implement it, to ensure that the recruited troops and mobilized materials will be put into the front line continuously and normally. The plan of mobilization task is done.
Next, please let Commander Zhou
下面 请周河司令员
Organize research and planning, ground defense combat missions
Zhou He: Comrades!
Next, we will study the determination of directional ground defense operations. First, the command and control center will report the decision-making recommendations.
下面研究定向地面防卫作战决心 ,首先由指挥控制中心汇报决行建议。
Commander! According to the order of the Eastern and Southern Theater Command, the ground defense operations in our province need to be organized and implemented in two situations:
The first is to participate in ground defense operations in the four cities in eastern Guangdong. Under the unified command of the Eastern Theater Command, the Guangdong Armed Police Corps. The command post was dispatched to lead the organization with 7,000 local militiamen.
第一种,是参加粤东四市地面防卫作战。在东部战区的统一指挥下,由武警广东总队 派驻指挥所牵头组织,当地基干民兵約(改为:民兵编制)7000人参加。
The second is to take the lead in organizing ground defense operations in 17 cities other than eastern Guangdong, and the joint military-civilian command will take the lead in organizing them.
第二种,牵头组织,粤东以外 17个市的地面防卫作战,由本军地联合指挥部牵头组织,
The distribution forces include: the Guangdong Armed Police Corps (excluding the four cities in eastern Guangdong), the sixth detachment of the Armed Police Second Mobile Corps, a mobile brigade and Coast Guard 311 Brigade, and the second militia battalion with a total of about 26,000 people.
配送力量有 :武警广东总队 (不含粤东四市力量),武警第二机动总队第六支队,现一个机动大队和海防311旅,现第二民兵团共约2.6万人。
According to the plan, ground defense operations around 17 cities.
Among the recommendations are the following:
1、Guidance on defense Resolutely implement the joint command center of the theater, and adhere to the combat guidance of defense before attacking, regional joint defense, comprehensive deployment and control, elite troops, combination of defense and countermeasures, and focus on protection. Strictly organize the defense of important targets in the jurisdiction, coastal guided maneuver defense, and social stability and chaos, protest the US counterattack, maintain the security of important targets, and maintain social stability. With the overall security and stability of the jurisdiction, it can effectively support the strategic decision-making against Taiwan.
坚决贯彻战区联合指挥中心,坚持未攻先防,区域联防 ,全面布控,精兵制要,防反结合,注重防护的作战指导。严密组织辖区重要目标防卫,海岸导引机动防卫,和社会维稳治乱,抗议美国打击,维护重要目标安全,维持社会稳定。以辖区总体安全稳定,有效支撑对台战略决胜。
Second, the focus of defense
According to the theater command and our province's plan, the main defense directions are determined as:
Defense of Guangzhou, Foshan, Shenzhen and Huizhou
The key defense areas are:
Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Huizhou, Yangjiang area
Important defense targets include important military targets such as the theater joint operations command center and maritime operations sub-center, as well as important civilian targets such as the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station and the South China Power Grid. At the same time, we must also concentrate on effectively preventing and reducing the risk of resource cut-off and industrial breakdowns,and make more and more efforts to mobilize and counter-mobilize. Powerfully mobilize domestic and overseas people, and ensure the security of supply of important strategic materials. 重要防卫目标包括,战区联合作战指挥中心,海上作战分中心等重要军事目标,以及大亚湾核电站,华南电网等重要民事目标。
Three about defense measures 三、关于防卫措施
According to the plan, taking the city as a unit and according to the administrative divisions, 17 defense divisions are compiled, as well as the coastal control group, the network information protection group, the mobile combat area and the logistics support team.
Create a land-shore connection, point-to-surface integration, flexible and defensive measures that have both defense and war. Among them, 17 cities and 17 defense divisions are composed of various militiamen, public security, emergency forces, and municipal armed police internal security detachments.
建立陆岸衔结,点面结合,灵活弹性,防战兼备的防卫措施。其中 17个市,17个防卫分区由各市民兵,公安,应急力量,及市武警内卫支队编成。
The three executive detachments directly under the PAP (Armed Police Force) are assigned to the Guangzhou, Zhuhai, and Shenzhen defense divisions on the spot. The network information protection group and target security team remain unchanged according to the plan.
武警总队直属的三个執行支队,就地配属给广州,珠海,深圳防卫分区,海岸总动群由 海防311旅大部兵力编成。网络信息防护群和目标保障队,按方案不变。
Regarding the use of other attachments, we have two options.
关于其他配属力量使用 我们有两个方案。
First, concentrated use of the Armed Police Guangzhou Corps Mobile Detachment Six Armed Police Mobile Detachments, now a mobile brigade and part of the Coast Guard 311 Brigade, a total of about 6,000 people are organized into three mobile groups, deployed in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Zhanjiang. Responsible for mobile support and counter-terrorism and stability maintenance tasks in the Pearl River Delta and western Guangdong.
第一案,集中使用 将武警广州总队机动支队 武警机动六支队,现一个机动大队和海防311旅部分力量,共约6000人编为三个机动群,配置在深圳,广州,湛江地区。担负珠三角和粤西地区机动支援和反恐维稳任务。
Second, decentralized use four brigades of the Sixth Armed Police Mobile Detachment, with about 1,600 people, were assigned to Shanwei, Huizhou, Yangjiang and Heyuan respectively.
第二案,分散使用 将武警机动六支队的四个大队约1600人,分别配属给汕尾,惠州,阳江,河源。
The Coast Guard 311 Brigade's two coastal defense groups, with about 500 people carrying light weapons, were assigned to the six important military targets of Foshan and Zhanjiang. The defense tasks were heavier, and their own defense forces were weak and should be strengthened.
Third, the other subordinate forces of nearly 4,000 people, under the control of the headquarters, are organized into mobile combat groups, with four sub-groups, each sub-group is responsible for the mobile defense of an area, targeting the exit of the military and the large-scale riots in the Pearl River Delta.
Fourth, with regard to defense command, relying on the provincial, municipal, and county-level military-civilian joint command organizations, the headquarters establishes a synergistic relationship with the Guangzhou coastal defense cluster, the Nanning air combat cluster, and the large-area combat maneuver support combat cluster within its jurisdiction, as well as relevant important target units.
四 ,关于防卫指挥,依托省市县三级军地结合指挥机构,指挥部与广州近海防卫集群,南宁空中作战機群,以及辖区内大区作战 机动支援作战群,相关重要目标单位建立协同关系。
Fifth, the time limit for completing the preparations. It is recommended that all preparations be completed before 12:00 on May 9, 6 hours earlier than the time specified by the theater.
五,完成准备时限 建议于5月9日12时前完成各项准备,比战区明确的时间提前6小时。
The report is complete!
Is there anything else to add to the charge center?
I will add a report!
When studying the defense operation plan, we mainly grasp three principles.
First, adhere to the overall joint defense, give full play to the joint efforts of the party, government, army, police and people, and waging a war with all the people through joint prevention and control.
Second, adhere to flexible arrangements, and on the basis of defending points and controlling surfaces, master capable forces at all levels to implement mobile support.
Third, adhere to the bottom-line thinking, fully anticipate that our key targets will be attacked by the enemy, and emergencies such as turmoil in megacities, and deploy forces to properly respond.
Regarding the use of attached power, two schemes are proposed:
First, it mainly focuses on maintaining stability and controlling chaos, especially for large-scale riots that may occur in the two megacities of Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and the concentrated use of armed police mobile forces can quickly respond to emergencies and effectively maintain social stability.
第一,主要突出维稳治乱,特别是针对广州 深圳两个特大城市可能发生的,大规模骚乱事件,武警机动力量集中使用,可以快速应对突发事件,有效维护社会稳定。
Second, it mainly focuses on the defense of important targets, deploys some of the elite forces to the above configuration, and deploys them in advance to improve the key guarding and quick counter strike capabilities of the defense divisions.
Once it is estimated that there will be riots in the Pearl River Delta region, the four mobile combat groups can quickly gather to respond.
We prefer the second case. 我们倾向第二案。
Do you have any suggestions for the two programs proposed by the accusation center?
I am inclined to the first case.
The reason is that the population-intensive industries in the Pearl River Delta are concentrated, and more than 80% of the resources in novel-domains and capabilities are concentrated in this area. It can be said that if the Pearl River Delta is stabilized, Guangdong will be stabilized. Once the Pearl River Delta is in chaos, it will seriously affect the implementation of the mobilization task. and sustained mobilization. Therefore, the defense focus should be placed on the Pearl River Delta region.
The report is complete!
Commander, I prefer the second case.
Based on two considerations.
First, from the perspective of combat objectives, the core of defense operations is the defense target. Where there are many targets and where the targets are important, troops will be allocated where they are. Important targets such as airports, ports, combat positions, and nuclear power plants in the theater must be deployed with elite troops.
Second, from the perspective of the threat of the enemy situation, it is mainly special warfare special attack and latent special destruction. In the second case, some of the elite forces were assigned to the defense division, and some of the elite forces were supported in the area, which was conducive to the realization of comprehensive control and the need for elite troops.
The report is complete!
Commander, I am leaning towards the first case!
There are two reasons
First, it is convenient to concentrate superior forces for mobile support, and the command headquarters can directly grasp more superior forces, which is convenient for dealing with the uncertainty of defense operations.
Second, it is convenient to maintain social stability in megacities. In Guangzhou and Shenzhen, a certain scale of troops are stationed together to facilitate the formation of deterrence, and they can be dealt with quickly in case of situations.
The report is complete!
Do other comrades have any additional comments?
Okay, everyone has talked a lot about this issue. Does the command and control center have any difficulty in defending nuclear power plant equipment and high-risk sensitive targets?
commander! There are four nuclear power plants in Daya Bay, Ling'ao, Taishan and Yangjiang in our province, which are respectively under the responsibility of Shenzhen, Jiangmen and Yangjiang security divisions.
The difficulty for nuclear power plants is how to rescue them in the event of a leak. We consider that, in general, rescue operations are organized on-site and off-site separately. On-site is organized by the self-sustaining force of the nuclear power plant, and various defense divisions are responsible for the off-site. If necessary, ask the relevant national professional rescue forces for support.
The report is complete!
Besides the cities, what other nuclear defense forces are there at the provincial level?
commander! There are also radiation environment monitoring, nuclear and biochemical support, and biochemical medical testing in the Guangzhou area, but the overall scale is small.
Okay, this is the end of the study. Vice Governor Zhizhong, do you have any comments on the defense operations?
Wang Zhizhong: (Deputy Governor of Guangdong Province,Director of the Provincial Public Security Department )
We will organize the public security forces to fully participate, about the Military-civilian joint defense I have no other opinions!
Okay, what else do you think about the commissar of defense operations?
Wang Shouxin:
I have two comments
First, strengthen the protection of the political field. Judging from the recent local wars, especially the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the United States and the West will try their best to slander and smear me, try to confuse right and wrong, and shake my will to win a just and decisive battle. We must give full play to the legal struggle of public opinion, psychology and the role of the militia team, strengthen the guidance of public opinion and psychological protection, and gather the positive energy of patriotism and support of the army.
Second, give full play to the advantages of people's war, fully absorb the experience of epidemic prevention and control in previous years, fully mobilize grass-roots organizations, widely mobilize cadres and the masses, organize military, police and civilian forces, carry out grid management and control, create an atmosphere for the whole people to prepare for war, and improve the people's endurance to bear war disasters , so that the enemy's spy has no place to hide.
Governor, do you have any other comments here?
Wang Weizhong:
No opinion, please make up your mind commander! 没有意见,请司令员定下决心!
Just now, the Command and Control Center put forward suggestions for defense operations, and everyone expressed their opinions from different aspects. According to the orders of the Sub-center of the Southern Theater Command and the actual situation of our province, my determination for the defense operations is as follows:
1、Regarding defense guidance, in principle, I agree with the command and control center's suggestion. The ground defense operations in the southern theater should basically be supported by land stability to support the main battlefield in the Taiwan Strait. Specifically, our province should grasp two points.
1、 Ensure the safety of important targets, ensure the stability of the joint combat system, support the Taiwan Strait and deny enemy annihilation operations.
2、 Maintain social stability, maintain mobilization potential, and provide strong support for the South Wing of Taiwan, with the overall security and stability of the jurisdiction.
Second, regarding the important defense areas, in addition to Guangzhou, Huizhou, Shenzhen, and Yangjiang, the Zhanjiang area has important targets such as Zhanjiang Port, Suining Airport, and radar stations, which are the key areas in the South China Sea to deny the frontline enemy forces, and they must also be heavily defended.
Third, with regard to the deployment of defense and the use of active-duty forces.
In principle, I agree with the second plan. The clear and important goals of the theater are related to the stability of the joint combat system. It is necessary to control the forces and ensure security. While the mobile combat forces are supported by divisions, they must be prepared for the deployment of troops and centralized handling of emergencies.
In addition, make two adjustments.
First, the use of nuclear rescue forces. The province's nuclear rescue forces are limited. On the basis of relying on Shenzhen, Jiangmen, and Yangjiang's own strengths, we should organize professional forces in the Guangzhou area, compile them into nuclear rescue forces, and coordinate rescue needs in Guangzhou. Implement mobile rescue, and at the same time add nuclear experts to the command center to provide assistance in decision making for rescue operations.
Second, the use of network protection forces, in principle, the network protection is mainly responsible for the own security team. The provincial network information protection group will provide support, and the support force must be strengthened.
In addition to the support of the technical support team of the service organization, the preparation of network experts should be added to provide support for the preparation of network security incidents. 除编组的技术支援分队以外,还要增加网络专家團隊,为网络安全事件处置提供护送支持。
For other content, I agree with the suggestion of the accusation center.
After the meeting, according to the spirit of the meeting, organize and report our province's determination to mobilize and fight for defense. Dismissed!
According to the deployment of the provincial military-civilian joint headquarters, and the military-civilian joint headquarters of each city held a symposium to understand the task, develop intelligence, and coordinate the upper and lower levels to plan synchronously.
Report to the head, the plenary session is over!