Record Part VII

Good job! Such mobilization at sea is very important! Apart from what you just mentioned, the issue of mobilization at sea must be resolved!
The National Defense Mobilization Center and the political work department should reasonably allocate manpowers and core team, and the Organization Department of the Provincial Party Committee should cooperate with the relevant work.
Next, we will continue to study the combat in novel-domains and capabilities. Let me ask a question. I mentioned that the ship needs to add more than 2,000 pieces of high-tech equipment. How is everything prepared?
With more than 2,000 pieces of high-tech equipment, 480 drones and 70 unmanned boats are currently in place. Need to catch up to switch control.
Regarding drones, the mobilization center of our province, Shenzhen Alltech and Dongguan Zhongchuang have a monthly production capacity of 80 units. It is recommended to urgently mobilize 9 companies with this production capacity, including Shenzhen Smart Drone UVA, Dongguan Zhongchuang Intelligent Equipment and Guangzhou Hopong Helicopter Remote, to cooperate and produce.
关于无人机,我省动员中心,深圳科卫泰,东莞XX(疑似洋华或阳华),月产能80架,建议紧急动员深圳智航,东莞众创,XXXXX, 广州红鹏等9家有这个生产能力的企业配合推进。
Regarding unmanned boats, the unmanned boat mobilization center of our province, Zhuhai Yunzhou, and Jianglong Shipbuilding have a monthly production capacity of 90 units. Both tasks can be completed on time. (Company's name to be verified)
However, considering it may face the impact of laborers leaving and supply chain disruption. It is recommended to take the following countermeasures:
First, organize designated enterprises, take measures to hold the workers staying in position, and transfer personnel of the same type from other enterprises to make up for the task gap of designated enterprises.
Second, adopt the method of purchasing from other provinces and fixed-point production, to ensure the supply of raw materials.
Third, ask the transportation department, take measures such as opening up green channels to ensure all kinds of transportation. That's all.
Our province has massive networks and network technology advantages.
According to the needs of mobilization tasks, how to choose the best among the best, and how to tap the potential energy of the network hidden in the civil field to support operations? Any thoughts?
The superiors asked us to mobilize. We have 15 teams, there is currently a deficit of 6 teams in total 60 people, and 32 network experts in the industrial control system industry. Our opinion is to mobilize key high-tech companies such as QiAnXin, Huawei, Tencent to increase the corresponding allocation and meet the needs of the military.
On the other hand, from China Southern Power Grid Guangdong Company, Guangzhou Metro Group and other large enterprises, an appropriate number of network experts in the industrial control system industry will be recruited.
Meanwhile, the three major network industry associations such as the Computer Network Security Association, the Provincial Network Security Association, and the Provincial Threat Intelligence Data Alliance will further help with their potential.
In addition, we will work with relevant industry authorities to strengthen the monitoring, early warning and security protection of information systems in the financial, energy, electricity, transportation industries and information systems. Ensure that the security grid defense line in key areas won’t be penetrated.
We must hurry up the mobilization of network support and complete the task with quality and quantity. The combat in novel-domains and capabilities also includes space support, our province has strong commercial satellite production and assembly capabilities, and Guangzhou has a full commercial aerospace industry chain.
Shenzhen can find all satellite supporting companies. Can we take the initiative to use our advantages in this area to contribute to the war?
Commander, we currently rely on Zhuhai Obit, Shenzhen Dongfanghong, Foshan Deya and Jihua Laboratory, four satellite teams, a total of 16 low-orbit satellites, with global remote sensing 0.5 to 10 meters ultra-high optical resolution imaging capabilities.
Although these resources are directly deployed by the military, the enterprises where the resources are located belong to our province, and we have a duty to ensure that these forces play a good role.
According to the coordination and docking with the troops in the early stage, I feel that there are two aspects that need to be paid attention to.
First, take the initiative to serve the enterprises in the front, and the competent industry departments will send special personnel to the enterprises to provide services, stabilize the backbone technical personnel, and support the key bone network facilities. Make sure that the satellite data is transmitted back.
Second, do a good job in the safety protection of satellite receiving stations. At present, there are four ground receiving stations in our province, including one in Zhuhai, one in Mohe in Heilongjiang, one in Wusu in Xinjiang, and one in Gaomi in Shandong. For the Zhuhai military-civilian joint command in our province, should make it an important defense target, join the joint defense system.
If it is distributed in other provinces, it is recommended to notify relevant provinces to pay attention through the strategic coordination group.
In addition, it is necessary to make preparations for emergency production during wartime, master the commercial satellite industry chain and supply chain, and work with related enterprises to do a good job in the reserve of production materials and the prefabrication of production lines.
Once necessary, relevant departments will quickly respond and actively coordinate, shorten the approval cycle, speed up the emergency production of commercial satellites, and increase the resources of high-tech enterprises in our province.
That's all.
Regarding the mobilization of combat in novel-domains and capabilities, the relevant departments should follow the functional division of labor and do a good job in the implementation of tasks. Let's finish this study here.
Commander Zhou He, what's your opinion?
Zhou He: (Major General of the People's Liberation Army, Commander of the Guangdong Military Region)
In principle, I agree with the National Defense Mobilization Center's mobilization task and implementation task proposal, agree with other comrades' opinions, and have no other supplementary opinions.
What about you, Political Commissar Wang Shouxin?
Wang Shouxin: ( Member of the Standing Committee of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee, Political Commissar of the Provincial Military Region )
I would like to add a comment on overseas mobilization.