Record Part VI

Based on existing methods of recruitment, Departments at all levels in Guangdong should set up a Wartime Recruitment Agency. Government departments such as health, public security, education, and veteran service must cooperate fully. Try the best to serve for the recruitment and make greater effort to propaganda. No matter how urgent and difficult the task is, we must complete it in time with high standards.
Next, let’s discuss the issue of mobilizing maritime support. Please make a speech!
I’d like to make a speech about ship weaponization. 我就船舶加改装问题作发言。
The task assigned by the Southern Theater Command is to complete 365 ships weaponization (include ro-ro ships)within 45 days. In addition, there are 64 ships occupied by the national departments within our jurisdiction, and 8 ships are literally assigned to our province.
There are 90 capable ship repair and construction enterprises in the whole province, which can weaponize 113 ships at one time. And 280 ships can be weaponized within this month in total.
However, considering the distribution of those enterprises, high-quality ship repair and construction sources are mostly integrated in Guangzhou, Yangjiang and Dongguan. The ability to weaponize ships in eastern Guangdong is weak.
So we suggest three methods to solve.
First, integrate advantages. By making full use of large repair and construction shipyard in the whole province, integrate those ships of more than 1,000 tons, and then classify and weaponize those ships.
Second, multi-point distribution. 23 wharfs are selected in coastal cities to quickly weaponize the fishing ship.
Third, transfer sources. Transfer sources from Guangzhou, Jiangmen and Zhanjiang to strengthen the ability of weaponization in eastern GuangDong.
I suggest, coordinating with the Agricultural and Rural Economic Organization, the relevant task is headed by us and then we impose it on all cities.
You undertake and implement this task. You should also foresee all kinds of complicated situations, especially to strengthen the defense of shipyards and ensure the purchase and supply of raw materials and accessories. Think carefully in all aspects and make sure to implement this task in time.
It was mentioned that the cadres and equipment deployment should be strengthened in the mobilization task proposal. What do you think about it?
Commander! Regarding the fleet formation and the deployment of personnel and equipment, we prepare to do as follow.
First, strengthen the deployment of cadres on ships. According to the different aim and usage of support tasks, cadres are divided into 3 brigades, 45 squadrons, and 135 divisions. There are 231 cadres on board, including 3 regimental cadres, 45 battalion cadres and 183 other army cadres.
Second, optimize the deployment of militia on ships. Take a mix mode based on crew, veterans and equipment. The delivery ship mainly focuses on defense, medical staff and correspondent are also included in. 10,000-ton ships are equipped with a Platoon, 1,000-ton and 100-ton ships are equipped with a Squad. Each group of militia is equipped with defense forces and the equipment operators.
Third, install all kinds of high-tech equipment to meet the demands of the latest tasks of the maritime militia. More than 2,000 sets of high-tech unmanned equipment are installed for the militia fighting, such as radar and sonar.
End of report 报告完毕
Comrade Jun Zou! The National Defense Mobilization Center demanded 231 cadres on board. Can we meet these demands?
According to the tasks and preparation of each department, we unified deployment of core cadres. Now, there are still a lack of 68 military cadres and 91 civil cadres. It is suggested to solve it in three ways as follow:
First, deploy cadres from inland military sub-commands. Especially those 57 regimental cadres, who ever participated in major maritime rights protection actions, should be added in according to the law.
Second, select civil cadres. Cadres from the fishery, fishery administration system and grassroots-level department, who have rich experience in maritime rights protection, should be selected as a commander.
Third, apply to the superior for dispatch. Apply to the National Defense Mobilization Department for urgently dispatching some cadres with rich experience in maritime rights protection.
End of report