Record Part V

If there is no doubt, then we will focus on the three main tasks about recruiting soldiers, mobilizing maritime support, and mobilizing the forces of the combat in novel-domains and capabilities.
First of all, let’s discuss the issue of recruiting soldiers, please make a speech.
Commander, let me make a speech about the issue of urgency of recruitment from three aspects:
First,In order to recruit soldiers as soon as possible first time quickly, directly with the help of big data technology to lock the right candidate, and then handed over to the grassroots organization staff to complete the recruitment.(The big data of CCP has personal data of all people and can quickly screen suitable personnel for the type of soldiers)
Second, Immediate physical examination and investigation of political affiliation. Simultaneously organize physical examinations and historical investigations of political affiliation, and determine the recruiting target at the first time.
Third, assemble and handover quickly. Coordinate with the military transportation department, quickly organize and arrange transportation plans, assemble and deliver personnel before the time nodes.
It is suggested that Health and Public Security Departments should assist in opening up special channels for the off-site physical examinations and investigation of political affiliation across the province to provide the on-the-spot services for recruitment.
Deputy Secretary, please make sure to accomplish the off-site physical examinations and investigations of political affiliation across the province.
Ok! I’d like to add up!
We have feedback that since we’re going to start a war now, some people are eager to participate, while others are afraid, timid, and escaping from the war!
I suggest we should strengthen the effort of propaganda. All mainstream media should propagate our determination of strategic victory to conquer Taiwan, which relates to the reunification of China and the great rejuvenation of the nation! And we should also stimulate the people’s determination to fight against our enemies together in Guangdong province.
On the other hand, we should increase the efforts of soldier assistance! Regarding the new recruits, we should solve their problems, regularly comfort them and eliminate their concerns after the recruitment. For their outstanding performances, especially the soldiers who get awards, we should notify their families timely, reward them publicly and treat them well.
I’d like to add that, besides positive incentives, we must strengthen punishment in accordance with the law! For those who refuse to be recruited, the government should persuade them timely or impose administrative sanctions according to law. Those who are members of CCP, should be punished according to the Party's discipline. If the circumstances are serious, punish them severely and expose them publicly according to the Criminal Law and Military Service Law.
End of report! 报告完毕!