Record Part III

We'll skip the topic of rehearsal on the Peacetime to Wartime Transition for today! Let's move on to the next agenda, the mobilization planning exercise.
After receiving instructions from higher commanders, the joint military-civil command center of Guangdong Province held a party committee meeting to understand the task, analyze the situation, the central departments revised and improved the plan, resulted in a determined recommendation:
Comrades, the meeting starts now. Eastern and Southern Theater Command on national defense mobilization and ground defense operations order instructions issued, we specifically held a party committee to understand the intent, understand the task, clearly put the relevant major issues, the centers and departments, in accordance with the spirit of the party committee, the national defense mobilization and ground defense operations revised, next we'll hold a task planning meeting to study the planning, mobilization and ground defense operations tasks, first, we'll have the command and control center to convey and help understand the mission:
Commanders, our mission comes from three areas:
First, the Eastern and Southern Theater Command ordered our province a total of 20 types of mobilization tasks, 239 items, including 1,358 various types of squads , a total of 140,000 people, 953 ships of various types, and 1653 various unmanned equipment / sets. There are 20 airports and docks, 6 repair and shipbuilding factories, 14 emergency transfer centers, and resources such as grain depots, hospitals, blood stations, oil depots, and gas stations.
Second, the National Defense Mobilization Recruitment Office will recruit new recruits, veterans, and special talents totaling 15,500 people in our province.
Third, as the National Mobilization Committee clarified, our province is responsible for providing national strategic resources, the mobilization tasks including mainly 10,000-ton class trains/ships totaling 64 ships, 38 aircrafts, 588 train cabins and civil facilities such as airports and houses.
After research and evaluation, our province's tasks can be summarized as five parts :
First, strive to protect the decisive battle in the Taiwan strait, gather the resources of the whole province to ensure the cooperation between the local In particular, the mobilization of the requisition of sea and air transport capacity to protect troops cross the strait, to ensure that the island capture troops are able to get through it, to keep up, to attack.
Second, be able to conduct long-range strike ( Extra long distance strike capability, longer than 300 kilometers ), form the new ocean-going forces, to reconnaissance, submarine search, search and rescue outside the first island chain, to support the PLA Rocket Force pre-deployment, support the wounded rescue and ships and aircraft repair.
二是,支持远弋 (超远距离打击能力300公里以上) 基本,组织远洋新式力量,对第一岛链外侦察、搜潜、搜救,保障火箭军部队前推部署,支援部队抢救伤员和维修舰机充分发挥作用。
Third, to participate in the unobstructed project in South China Sea, mobilize professional emergency repair and sea and air transmission resources to assist troops in repairing the tower reefs, organize militia fishing boats to deal with the invasions from Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia and other countries, and fight the people's war at sea.
Fourth, to assist Hong Kong and Macao to maintain stability, organize road traffic control, mobilize high-speed passenger ships, helicopters and other air and sea transportation to protect the rapid transit of troops to pass the border. Organize ports control, maintain the social order of Hong Kong and Macao, to prevent the enemy from creating chaos from Hong Kong to China.
Fifth, to maintain the stability of the home front , combine the power of the party, government, military, police and civil as a whole, to help guard 61 important military targets and 276 important civilian targets, High-handed control of the people and coercive management of society to reduce people's discontent and resistance and continue to move the war forward. Over!
We've just had the command and control center conveys and designates the mission. Next, we'll have Governor Wang Weizhong to organize the study of mobilization planning tasks. Now, let's go through the task of mobilization planning. First, we'll have the National Defense Mobilization Center to brief.
刚才,指挥控制中心传达理解 任务。下面,请伟中省长组织研究筹划动员任务。现在,研究筹划动员任务。先请国防动员中心报告有关情况。