Record Part II

All leaders, according to the spirit of the Central Military Commission of the State Council’s instructions on the transition from peacetime to wartime, and the decision of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, our province completed the establishing of military and local command structures at 18:00 on April 18.
各位首长,根据国务院中央军委平战转换指示精神,和省委常委会研究决定,我省于 4月18日 18时,完成军地各级指挥机构开设。
1.Formation of the command unit, including the provincial military-civilian joint headquarters, the command post in the direction of the South China Sea, and several special mobilization command posts.
The Provincial Military-civilian Joint Command Post, which is established by the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Government, the Provincial Military District and the Provincial National Mobilization Committee and its related member units, as well as with the Armed Police Mobile Sixth Detachment which affiliated with the Armed Police Guangdong General Forced, Coast Defense 311 Brigade elite personnel compiled, opened for the provincial military district combat command center in due course to transfer to the provincial strategic equipment command post.
The Provincial Military-Civilian joint Headquarters, as the highest decision-making and command authority in this jurisdiction commanding the adoption of national defense mobilization, as the commander of its own jurisdiction, uses national defense mobilization resources, directly accepts the command of the eastern and southern theaters, and focuses on planning and organizing strategic decision-making and national defense mobilization operations, as well as the defensive operations throughout the province.
Command post in the direction of the South China Sea, made up of the elite forces in the command, sent to the Zhanjiang area in due course, focusing on the direction of the South China Sea maritime participation in support of front-line operations, organizational planning and command and control.
Delicate command post relies on the relevant departments of the military and industry systems, for each lead unit to open the formation of people's air defense, transportation mobilization, national economic mobilization, public opinion and propaganda, stability and chaos maintenance, and other twelve dedicated command posts. Each command post, under the unified command of the provincial military and local joint command, organizes and implements mobilization tasks and organizes and directs dedicated operations in different fields.
2, Format the command posts, the provincial military-civilian joint headquarters, the Provincial Party Committee Secretary for the General Commander, the Governor, the Provincial Military Region Commander, Political Commissar will be the commander.
Establish the center of command and control, and the center of defense mobilization, and the three departments, management and coordination, political work, logistic and equipment support department, the command and control center is mainly responsible for ensuring that the commander make the determination to participate in the war to support front-line operations, such as command and control of ground defense, maritime reconnaissance, people's air defense, and assistance in anti-terrorism and stability operations.
The National Defense Mobilization Center is primarily responsible for guaranteeing the commander's determination to mobilize, organizing and coordinating the implementation of national defense mobilization missions, managing mobilization support, assembly, transportation, handover and other actions; the other three departments are responsible for the planning, organization and coordination of related areas.
3, Command decision-making operational mechanism requires the establishment of unified leadership, stand-long sub-domain decision-making and coordination and the implementation of the command decision-making and functioning patterns.
3, 指挥决策运行机制,建立统一领导,分域决策,协调落实的指挥决策与运行模式,
The first is to set up a Chinese Communist Party Committee of the headquarters with unified leadership. The first secretary shall be the secretary of the provincial party committee, political committee of the provincial military district, the governor of the province and the commander of the provincial military district as secretary and deputy secretary. The Party Committee collectively researches and makes decisions on major matters of engagement in support of the front line and national defense mobilization.
一,是设立统一领导的指挥部党委,第一书记由省委书记担任,书记和副书记分别由省军区政治委员,省长和省军区司令员担任,党委集体对參戰支前 ,和国防动员重大事项进行研究决策。
The second is clear that the division of responsibility for sub-domain decision-making, the party committee made a decision, the commander of the division of responsibility for the implementation, the governor is responsible for organizing the implementation of mobilization tasks, the commander of the provincial military district is responsible for organizing and directing participation in the war in support of front-line operations and organizing the implementation of mobilization tasks in cooperation with the provincial governor, the political commissar of the provincial military district is responsible for organizing and leading political work, in collaboration with the commander of the organization and command of the relevant action.
二,是明确分域决策的分工负责制,党委作出决定后,由指挥员分工负责,贯彻执行,省长负责组织动员任务落实,省军区司令员负责组织指挥参战支前 行动,协同省长组织动员任务落实,省军区政治委员负责组织领导政治工作,协同司令员组织指挥有关行动。
The third is the convergence of synergistic implementation of work execution, to establish the affairs cooperation, contact consultation mechanism. Prior to discussing the list of issues, feedback mobilization process in the middle of the event, and jointly evaluate the effectiveness of the results after the implementation, to achieve fast and efficient command.
Fourth, to safeguard the chain of command, on top of relying on the data and information room information security. All levels of government have to mobilize a militarized block to secure the communication of the whole system, according to the scale of a battalion at the provincial level, a company at the municipal level and a platoon at the county level.
Using military and civilian means at all levels, four main links are constructed:
First, establish the command information link from the Joint Command Center of the Military Commission to the Joint Command Center of the theater, as well as to the provincial, municipal and county military joint command institutions; mainly rely on the joint combat command information system of the theater, and integrate the secret information remote delivery system into the joint combat system.
Second, the military committee defense mobilization department to the provincial military district leadership management and business guidance information link mainly relies on 509 + platform, national defense mobilization task information command system to assist mobilization organization and command.
Third, the command communication link between the military-civilian joint command organization of the province, city and county to the task force, mainly relying on the ultra-short wave and Tiantong-1 satellite phone, establishes mobile communication in motion.
Fourth, the communication link between the army and the local command, relying on the Hong Ji ( made in Shenzhen Ding Yi Hong Ji ) e-government intranet confidential encryption system to communicate with each other, deploy national defense mobilization information system in relevant local departments and introduce various types of local data and information in the joint command of provincial military districts to open up the connection between the military and the ground.
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